Bp and government regulation

We should not be expanding offshore drilling in US waters or using disruptive technologies like seismic airgun blasting that can disrupt marine life to search for oil and gas. The Safety Case has a strong and formalized role for workforce involvement including appointment of Workforce Safety Representatives who themselves have powers of inspection, providing effective data collection and reporting, and combining a cooperative approach with the threat of criminal sanctions.

Currents November 19,http: The public forum garnered so much public interest that the meeting originally had to be rescheduled as well as forums in Washington and Houston. Industry publishes detailed guidance on such audits. The draft environmental impact statement EIS details the potential environmental impacts of its proposal, and attempts to predict how another massive oil spill like the one in would harm Gulf and Arctic environments.

Why would BP engage in risky practices that could endanger the area where the company makes its profit. In response to this fact, the government has tried to ensure the welfare of Gulf citizens by compelling BP to create a twenty-billion fund to help citizens affected by the spill ensure that they can survive while BP attempts to clean up this mess.

Yet when implemented in the context of offshore regulation, these surface similarities diverge in two key respects. Hearing on The Deepwater Horizon Incident: As the President of U. In response, industry supporters said their demands to end new drilling are shortsighted.

An overview of the government safety regulations for offshore drilling before the BP oil disaster.

New US oil drilling regulations aim to prevent another Deepwater disaster

In London, BP shares closed up 2. Die-hard capitalists would rather that companies be allowed to maximize profits no matter what effects on their fellow citizens or the environment that they live in.

Who is responsible for ensuring that the citizens of the Gulf Coast region are protected when companies like BP place profit above people.

We will write a custom essay sample on Bp and Government Regulation Order now More Essay Examples on The loss of 11 workers and the destruction of an ecosystem has forced the government and the American public to realize that BP and other companies have no qualms about ensuring that no regulation will stand in the way of their profit margins.

Investment analysts report that 45 to 50 deep water drilling rigs could be operating in the Gulf of Mexico ina nearly 50 percent increase over the number of rigs drilling at the time of the BP-Deepwater Horizon disaster.

More Top Reads From Oilprice. Independent verification of compliance is crucial because the evidence suggests management systems alone are unlikely to change practices or attitudes.

Click here for a sample. Under the existing SEMS rule, employees as well as third parties may conduct audits. Worried about jobs and the elections, the Obama Administration has shown little stomach for strengthening regulations recently, while Republicans and oil-state Democrats are pushing hard to liberalize drilling.

This is not an era in which lots of government jobs are being created to increase the regulation of an industry that, though unpopular with environmentalists, counts a large number of Americans as employees and shareholders.

The regulations specify the acceptable level of risk but do not contain any prescriptive requirement except the use of good practice, which is required as a minimum.

In the current political environment this is an unpopular idea. Environmental Law Program June 25, http: It uses independent third-party audits of critical equipment and processes, conducting a large number of inspections by a well-trained and well-resourced government agency, where inspections are paid for by industry.

There must be procedures in place to ensure mechanical integrity of all equipment through testing and inspection. BP failed to protect health, safety, property, and the environment by 1 performing all operations in a safe and workmanlike manner; and 2 maintaining all equipment and work areas in a safe condition.

But the report only considers climate-warming emissions created by offshore oil drilling, ignoring the effects the oil would have once taken to land and burned as fuel. It makes you plan very well, makes you look at every aspect of what could potentially happen out there.

It uses independent third-party audits of critical equipment and processes, conducting a large number of inspections by a well-trained and well-resourced government agency, where inspections are paid for by industry.

Yet when implemented in the context of offshore regulation, these surface similarities diverge in two key respects.

BP Gulf oil spill anniversary comes with new regulations

This disaster has shown that government regulation and oversight are the only ways to ensure that businesses do not place American citizens and the environment at risk.

As this drama plays out on American television screens one must realize that the only check to the power of private companies is the American government which is charged with the protection of its citizens.

A proposal of ideal government regulations and agency review that would promote proper safety practice in offshore drilling. Commission members were due to brief congressional staffers later today, and will testify before Congress this month to press their case. Companies must give safety representatives paid leave to carry out their functions and provide them the facilities and information they require.

Apr 11,  · The new regulation is an attempt to prevent disasters like the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico, but the Obama administration is also. 6 years after BP oil spill, U.S. announces new regulations, plans to lease more drilling areas the government’s new regulations set requirements for the “design, manufacture, We'd like Humanosphere to be your go-to source for news, conversation and analysis about this effort as it unfolds.

Government Regulations Before the BP Oil Disaster Before the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, the government agency tasked with regulating offshore oil exploration and drilling was the Minerals Management System, or MMS.

US commission on BP oil spill demands tougher safety regulations the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico began week vowing to roll back government regulations and. The federal government, in its final impact assessment of the spill, projected that it would be 39 years before bottlenose dolphins in Barataria Bay fully recovered from the spill, and 52 years.

A CMV driver with a Blood pressure (BP) /90 may be certified for 2 years. First time BP What is the effect on driver certification based on FMCSA hypertension stages? Previous Next. View Regulations, Rules, & Notices. Regulations and Interpretations; Rulemaking Documents.

Bp and government regulation
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