Peace and communal harmony

Not only Bhagalpur, around nearby villages got affected by the violence caused due to these riots. Secondly, antisocial and professional criminals have been playing a key role in communal riots and flare-up as agents of vested interests and their hirelings.

All the religions are treated equally by the state. We had to look around very little in order to find beautiful examples of religious harmony in India today. You may join me on Facebook Related Post. In this manner, social harmony is maintained.

Bakula Rinpoche is regarded as an emanation of one of the Sixteen Arhats, close disciples of the Buddha, who undertook to protect his doctrine. Jammu and Kashmir is the only northern State of India with the longest period of amity and brotherhood that has survived the currents of time and remains so in contemporary times.

It made our democracy system stronger main problem is how to maintain communal harmony at administrative and social levels. Only if there is peace and harmony in the country can it grow. People from different religions live here in harmony. After all, time in consonance with care shall serve the people the best.

However, the same has been disturbed several times. Practicing love and truth are the ways of reaching him. These began in October and continued for two months. He observed that Gandhi had not wanted partition, but the price was for Jinnah to become Prime Minister of India, while Nehru cherished the same ambition.

He made a Rajput lady his wife gave equal respect is Hindu religion. Muslims burned down Hindu homes in Goladogra, Gopalpur, Herobhanga and Naliakhali villages in the Canning police station area. Are Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus and Christians capable of living in peace together like they have done for centuries in India.

Nissar used to accompany Arzan Nath through thick and thin. His Holiness asserted his belief that education should be secular.

The top Marxist party leader said roughing up of women journalists and the stir led by It was there at the foreign rule as well as in post-independence era.

Price Rise Price rise is another problem that can disrupt the smooth functioning of a society. The outbreak occurred when a saffron flag was placed on the top of a mosque. However, even as the Constitution of India enforces laws to maintain communal harmony and the government of the country takes strong measures to ensure the same.

Such attacks create a lot of panic among the people. The Dalit Panther leader Bhagwat Jadhav was killed during this in They all say there is one God, but the man — god relationship differs in each.

I greatly appreciate the spirit of the European Union. Instead of fomenting trouble to earn TRPs and portrayal of the news which creates a wedge in society, the main task of the media should be to point to cases of injustices and display solidarity for removing those.

Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh shows a picture of Amritsar grenade blast co-accused Bikramjit Singh, who was arrested by Punjab Police, to the media during a press conference, in Chandigarh.

In Hinduism the divisions are many. The measure would include the suitable amendment in the existing applicable law, pertaining to an apprehension of breach of peace and criminal conspiracy against the state and people of India. Yoga guru Ramdev on Saturday called for a law on Ram temple otherwise, he feels, people will start building the temple on their own as they are losing patience, which will lead to social harmony.

Here are essays of varying lengths on communal harmony to help you with the topic. Factors Affecting Peace and Harmony Political Issues In an attempt to score partisan goals, political parties usually instigate people against them and this often leads to disturbances in the country.

Unfortunately, there have still been several instances that have hampered the communal harmony in the country. Conclusion It is necessary for every citizen of India to understand the importance of peace and harmony in the country and together each one should work towards maintaining the same.

People have become fed up with violence and nurture a genuine desire for peace. Finally, there is a need for an effective mechanism to deal with it. The problem does not arise for nations or State where its entire people belong to one religion.

However, often, it is disrupted due to different social, political and economic factors. The Arya Samaj and Brahmo Samaj movements have take up the cause of uniting all men and to establish communal harmony in society. In spite of all efforts, conflicts still arise and peace is disturbed. The theme was ‘Communal Harmony - Foundation of World Peace’ and the occasion was a celebration of the centenary of the birth of the great 20th century leader of Ladakh, Bakula Rinpoche.


The meeting had the further distinction of being organized by the Youth Wings of the Ladakh Buddhist Association (YWLBA), the Anjuman Imamia and the. Here are 10 examples of communal harmony that will help restore your faith in humanity and in India.

10 Beautiful Stories of Communal Harmony That Restored Our Faith in Humanity. And Our Country. by Tanaya of which Rs. 15 lakh was contributed by Sikhs and Hindus.

The three communities live in peace in this village. Muslims and Hindus.

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Promoting Communal Harmony. Promoting Communal Harmony Promoting Communal Harmony In our country people belonging to various religions live in harmony, but there are occasions when the communal fabric gets disturbed, often on trivial issues.

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It is the responsibility of all sections of society to ensure peace and. Harmony Quotes from BrainyQuote, an extensive collection of quotations by famous authors, celebrities, and newsmakers.

"To survive in peace and harmony, united and strong, we must have one people, one nation, one flag.". Hindu, Muslim litigants call for peace, harmony Hindu seers and Muslim clerics held a peace meeting in Ayodhya on Tuesday conveying the message of brotherhood and communal harmony ahead of VHP's Dharm Sabha.

To Promote Communal Harmony, Centre To Organise National Integration Week.

Peace and communal harmony
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