Polytechnic education youth empowerment and economic

Leaders must take it upon themselves to change the wrong public perception. With a population estimated at about million, Nigeria is the largest country in Africa and one-sixth of the black population in the world.

Kano State Directorate of Youth Development Annual Report 9 The above table shows how two unit schools from Kano state polytechnic are selected to provide training to unemployed youths in on entrepreneurial skills such as skills of poultry, hatchery, fish farming, bee keeping, animal husbandry and business centres.

This will definitely reduce unemployment among youths. Stimulate the minds of our youths such that they transform Nigeria from a consumer nation to a high—technology producer and manufacturer export nation.

Of the over 3, that have returned so far, many remain traumatized with tales of woe and frustration. If we succeed in Edo State, it may inspire similar transformations elsewhere. According to the Dictionary of Social Work Concepts For us in Edo State, we have recognized the challenges and we are confronting them frontally.

Technical & Vocational Education as Imperative for Youth Empowerment

This establishes a firm basis for sustainability, innovation, mass participation, and development of relevant programs. The strategy expands the role of education as an investment tool for economic, social and political development to include education as: Consequently, the mission and vision of TVET was defined to cover: In the meantime, we are restructuring the curriculum, rebuilding the institution and upgrading the facilities, and will be recruiting truly qualified faculty for the new three campuses of the College of Agriculture in Iguoriakhi Edo SouthUromi Edo Central and Agenebode Edo North.

The objective was first, to obtain data on the numbers, qualifications, location, and interests of Edo youths. Technical and Vocational Education as Priority Around the world, countries have been able to enjoy comparative advantage in productivity and economic growth as a result of the strength of their Education systems.

Youth Empowerment and Employment Programme What is the programme about.

Polytechnic Education

I thank you for listening. In recent times, over 50, young men and women have left Edo State for Europe making the perilous journey through war-torn Libya, the Mediterranean Sea and on to Europe.

Similarly, the Edo State Polytechnic in Usen formerly Institute of Management and Technology is being repositioned to teach relevant courses that will enhance the employability status of each graduate.

Polytechnic, Loharu was established in with the aim to enhance employability of the youth by equipping them with latest technical skills for suitable employment through technical education. It involves engraining the relevant stakeholders in a given process by applying principles of inclusiveness, transparency and accountability.

The policy makers in Nigeria formulate policies and programmes with some inbuilt flexibilities to allow them loopholes to make inordinate gains.

WhatsApp It is indeed a great pleasure to return to this great institution, an intellectual haven that molded me in the very best traditions of research, leadership, administration, the arts, understanding of the values of life and the centrality of human progress as the measure of labour.

Vision 2020 Club

Despite her great natural wealth, Nigeria is still considered poor and social development in limited. The best projects are selected from various secondary schools in Nigeria. The Role Models shall be expected to make a commitment to visit Government secondary schools close to their offices or Residence at least once each term to interact with the students thus motivating and inspiring them to excel.

Having identified the issues that underscored the slow progress of youth development in STEM and national development by extension, the YERI model offers a life line to the underprivileged youths through: Before I make my comments on the importance of technical and vocational education, please permit me to make some preliminary comments: Developing countries like Nigerian that desires to develop coupled with cooperation of her citizens commit a sizeable proportion of resources to empowering the citizens most especially the youth if developmental objectives must be attained.

The Government pays them N20, monthly while on the Internship. Most of the hundreds of skills acquisition programmes in the country are disconnected from the evolution of the labour market demand as well as the societal evolution of the country.

This will automatically reduce the high rate of unemployment among youths. Remember all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We shut down the state-owned College of Agriculture, Iguoriakhi, paid-off the staff and sent the students on Internships with large corporations such as Presco, Okomu, and Leventis.

We have admitted that it is our challenge.

Technical and Vocational Education as Imperative for Youth Empowerment

This is because; graduate youths have to possess the skills, knowledge and attitudes that will match the requirements, needs and expectations of the present and even future employment. Terry Youth, defined in Sierra Leone as people aged 15 to 35, account for approximately one-third of the national population.

It is frightening that Nigeria with such a dismal outlook as presented above. The Government pays them N20, monthly while on the Internship. However, all young people intending to pursue a career in the Oil and Gas industry are welcome to join.

The YTI program aim to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in secondary schools by mobilizing talents from state and private schools in Nigeria. A key to Economic Growth and National Development examines the conceptual meaning of Empowerment, The Nigerian environment, empowerment programmes and challenges of youth empowerment programmes in Nigeria.

Firstly, the notion of youth empowerment implies a deliberate commitment of government to involve the youth in the socio-economic and political development of the Nation. The Vision Youth Empowerment and Restoration Initiative largely supports and underpins the Vision goals of Nigeria to become one of the 20 largest economies in the world, a significant player in the global economic and political arena through youth empowerment and industry awareness,leadership,entrepreneurial and vocational.

This paper therefore seeks to establish the relevance of polytechnic education in youth empowerment, economic self-reliance and national development.

A sample of respondents from different places was selected and a structured questionnaire was administered on them. Firstly, the notion of youth empowerment implies a deliberate commitment of government to involve the youth in the socio-economic and political development of the Nation.

Youth, defined in Sierra Leone as people aged 15 to 35, account for approximately one-third of the national population. Today, youth face a daunting challenge: securing decent employment in an economic context characterized by a lack of job opportunities, especially in rural areas. 2 Polytechnic Education and Youth Employment in Kano, Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects Introduction Education is the process of nourishing or rearing of a child or young person.

It is a systematic instruction or training given to the youths in preparation for the work of life, Olowa (P30). To provide, promote and coordinate quality education and training, integration of science technology and innovation in sustainable socio-economic development process, with focus on youth empowerment, preservation of African culture and nuture of talents and sports for a .

Polytechnic education youth empowerment and economic
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